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29-01-2022 - 09:59 pm
Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or wholesaler, shipping companies in Canada have got you covered
so ,Here we present to you the five best shipping companies in Poland


Greengage offers a team of specialists that over 20 years of experience in the IT, electronic equipment, international trade business and the financial and banking sector. We use this wealth of expertise in all of these areas in order to drive and improve the business of our customers.
Our mission is to support your Brands, spread their positive spirit, philosophy and raise awareness of its beautiful products across Europe.
Our head office is located in Warsaw, from where we offer our dedicated and customized services throughout Europe.
website : http://www.greengage.pl/index.php/en/
adress : ul. Brzeziny 20 , Warsaw, Warsaw 03-256 ,Poland
phone : 48223506177

Polish Forwarding Company

Company HQ is based in Warsaw and operation department is located in Gdynia / Gdansk port region. 100% Polish ownership.
website : https://pfc24.pl/en/
adress : ul. G.Garibaldiego 4/10 BG2, Warsaw, Warsaw 04-078 ,Poland
phone : 885400003


Our customers are the most important for us, so we offer them reliable and always effective solutions in the field of transport and freight forwarding. The transport company Jastim was founded in February 1999 in Warsaw. We work in our country and we also forwarding and transport to Europe and Russia. We have a license for national and international transport. Also, our company is a member of the Polish Economic Chamber of Road Transport and Forwarding, an organization that brings together entrepreneurs of the transport industry in Poland.
website : http://www.jastim.pl/en/index.htm
adress : Al. Jerozolimskie 144, Warsaw, Warsaw 02-305 ,Poland
phone :48 (22) 823 63 87

IKA Logistic

IKA Logistic provide logistic services for trading on international markets shipping companies, private and business-clients. Our specialization is delivery of small cargoes on DDP terms by road, air and sea transport in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldavia, Kazahstan as well as a combined delivery transport modes on request.
adress : Aleja Krakowska 129, Warsaw, Warsaw 02-180,Poland
phone :48 22 295-09-49


Road transport, airfreight, sea freight, warehousing – complete package of services in one. Professionalism, high standards. A team of involved professionals who approach every job individually. In one word – DIERA.
website : https://diera.pl/en/company/
adress : ul. Mińska 63 A, Warsaw, Warsaw 03-828 ,Poland
phone : 48 (22) 6706 901