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16-08-2022 - 05:54 pm
If you want to take care of yourself a little and spend some special time taking care of your beauty, we are here to help you by introducing five of the top five beauty salons in Mexico City

Rock Your Hair Studio

Private hairdressing studio where you will be treated in a personalized way by industry professionals
website : https://www.rockyourhairstudio.com/
Address: Av Michoacán 65, Hipódromo Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, 06100 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
work hours:
Monday closed
Tuesday 10:00am-8:00pm
Wednesday 10:00am-8:00pm
Thursday 10:00am-8:00pm
Friday 10:00am-8:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-8:00pm
Sunday closed

Paprika Hair Salon

For color appointments it is necessary to fill out the color form on our website. For color appointments you must fill in the color form on our webpage.
website : https://paprikahairsalon.com/
Location: Casa Basalta
Address: Colima 159-Local 2D, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
work hours:
Monday 10:00am-9:00pm
Tuesday 10:00am-9:00pm
Wednesday 10:00am-9:00pm
Thursday 10:00am-9:00pm
Friday 10:00am-7:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-7:00pm
Sunday closed

Francisco Iglesias - Salón & SPA

We are specialists in image consulting. We design the best beauty proposal for you.
website : https://www.franciscoiglesias.com.mx/
Address: Monte Athos 189-C, Lomas - Virreyes, Lomas de Chapultepec IV Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11000 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
work hours:
Monday 9:00am-6:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am-6:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am-6:00pm
Thursday 9:00am-6:00pm
Friday 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm
Sunday closed

The Suite

We design your image
We specialize in haircut and color and in different Spa, Reductive, Firming and Relaxing treatments
website : https://the-suite-beauty-salon.negocio.site/?whatsapp
Address: Sagredo 274 bis, Guadalupe Inn, Álvaro Obregón, 01020 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
work hours:
Monday 10:00am-6:00pm
Tuesday 10:00am-6:00pm
Wednesday 10:00am-6:00pm
Thursday 10:00am-6:00pm
Friday 10:00am-6:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday closed

studio Hairkut

We offer cosmetic services for men and women
website : http://www.studiohairkut.com.mx/
Address: Av. Coyoacán 138, código 2, Del Valle, Benito Juárez, 03103 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
work hours:
Monday 9:00am-7:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am-7:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am-7:00pm
Thursday 9:00am-7:00pm
Friday 9:00am-7:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm
Sunday 11:00am-4:00pm